Mining Safety Process Using The Easychute

3 Ways the EasyChute has been utilized in the Mining industry

1. Efficiency

The EasyChute has streamlined work processes delivering both cost and operating efficiencies and creating safer and profitable working environments in Mining sites across Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland & New South Wales.

To date, these are the following top tier organizations that have implemented the EasyChute in work processes:

  1. Rio Tinto
  2. Energy Australia
  3. Intergen
  4. Blue Scope Steel
  5. Blackwoods Industrial Supplies
  6. SFI Australia

2. Productivity

The EasyChute has improved productivity for the above companies by providing easier work methods for the following activities:

  • Transportation of Coal,
  • Iron ore mining,
  • Energy production,
  • Material handling processes for hydraulic oils & air filters for large machinery.

3. Safety

The states in Australia are all under different legislative requirements when it comes to safety in the Mining industry. Safety is paramount in all work sites & all industries across Australia.

The implementation of safety systems, policies & procedures is integral to the employee’s rights. Every employee has the right & obligation to attend work & be able to return home from work to their loved ones.

The EasyChute can enable this by providing safe work methods when it comes to dust prevention & material handling processes.

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