How The Easy Chute Makes Construction Safe


In order to keep on track of the critical path of the construction development project, safety must be paramount.

If injuries occur on site:

  • The work can be halted,
  • Schedules can be delayed,
  • Construction costs may be exceeded
  • Most importantly, the worker may not be able to work again.

The implementation of safety systems & procedures throughout Construction projects around the world is vital to the longevity of the industry, large & small businesses & employees.

Worker Fatalities

According to Safe Work Australia, the Construction Industry has 15% of the total of worker fatalities over the past 10 years & 18% of injuries in 2016.

Past Experiences

With previous experience in the residential development trade, I have seen many contractors working in environments which are deemed not safe. On single storey or multi-storey projects, importance should be placed on safety.

The main reason why the EasyChute has decided to expand globally to Australia is because of the duty of the builder, contractor, home owner & developer must keep their site clean & a safe working environment.

As several members of the EasyChute team have experience in the construction industry or are currently working day to day on live sites, we can establish the benefits of using the EasyChute on site.

EasyChute Construction Trash Removal

Workplace Healthy & Safety with the EasyChute

Problem: No longer do laborers or apprentices must put their lives at risk or anyone else’s in order to remove construction debris. Many trades are guilty of throwing rubbish off the balcony/scaffold/several storeys high into a skip bin.


The EasyChute acts as a tunnel which is fastened on to the live project to the skip bin. The design of the Easychute is to be airtight, which prevents the ability of heavy construction materials to become airborne.

The EasyChute is reliable solution to improve the safety aspect of workplace procedures.

In order to have a successful construction development, great importance must be placed on safety.  

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