Here are 7 reasons why every building requires the residential waste chute:

  1. Increase the livability & hygiene of the premises
  2. Efficient removal of waste
  3. Cost effective
  4. Reduces the use of energy
  5. Reduces Landfill
  6. Improves the Waste Management Plan
  7. Adheres to council regulations


Auditing of waste & implementing management strategies to habitable buildings is essential for the sustainability outcomes of the building. The waste chute can be implemented to remove waste safely & efficiently in commercial & residential buildings, low- & high-rise buildings.


Waste management plans are recommended to comply with the NCC (National Construction Code), council codes & other statutory requirements. There are three main objectives which need to be met:

  1. The chute is installed in compliance with regulatory policies & procedures
  2. Recycle waste as much as possible
  3. Manage waste efficiently to reduce the amount of waste and recyclable to land fill by educating & aiding residents to allocate waste that can be recycled. Signage should always be installed to serve as a constant reminder. Waste & recycling bins shall be placed in the retail precinct to reinforce these messages. 

The waste chute of a building will always be guided by the criteria of the local council. The waste will be collected by the council’s waste collection contractor.


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