6 Ways the EasyChute makes construction life easy

1. The Easy Way:

The EasyChute is a durable light weight construction rubbish removal chute. One section which covers one storey of a house is only 1.3 kilograms. This allows the chute to be installed and dismantled easily due to its light weight. Made out of a polypropylene material, the EasyChute is an extremely resilient chute that can handle whatever product you want to dispose of. The EasyChute is a multi-connection design which is allowed through the use of high strength nylon loops. The diameter has been manufactured for you to install a “hopper” to be flexible for any unique project. The perfect sized diameter also allows you to use a standard size waste barrel.

2. Quick:

The EasyChute is designed to be set up rapidly in unique locations. Set up for a multi storey building can only take minutes. This chute has been manufactured for you to easily clean from roof of the project to the bottom of the project.

3. Cost:

The construction process is very expensive; any dollars that can be saved will go a long way for a subcontractor. Traditional construction chutes are expensive to hire and even more so to purchase and they also take hours to set up. Each section of the EasyChute is only $199.95, a traditional chute can be several times the price. The EasyChute not only saves your time but it saves you having to hire out other contractors just to clean up the mess on your site. A messy site could have been avoided with the EasyChute! Any saving on the total budget can lead to the client being able to spend more money in other areas where it is needed.

4. Creating a safe work environment:

When waste is not properly managed, debris can build up and can lead to incidents. Through the installation of the EasyChute on your construction site all waste such as material offcuts will safely and easily disposed of.

5. Innovation:

Your client will love the fact that you have brought something innovative to the project. The EasyChute will give you that edge over the others who use traditional trash chutes. Invest in a ground breaking chute which has earned itself a name in the market due to its features. This will show your client that you’re dedicated to bringing the best result in an efficient and safe manner. Best of all, it looks great!

6. Decreasing the hours:

You do not want to be paying your qualified tradesmen top dollar to spend days cleaning up after themselves. Invest in the EasyChute which allows the workers to clean up as they go. This decreases the amount of hours that workers will spend on site and will not lead to any delays in the construction schedule. Save time and thousands of dollars with the EasyChute installed on your site.

The problems associated with not having the EasyChute can make the difference between winning or losing a project or even determining if the project will be profitable or not.

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