6 Common Problems in the current Australian Construction industry

1. Not many effective construction trash removal options

Construction Chutes are an uncommon tool on construction sites in Australia. The Australian tradespersons, building companies, building product supplies and homeowners are all wasting thousands of dollars. Major delays do occur on several projects due to not having a Construction chute on their job site. Not knowing the most effective way to get rid of construction rubbish can add up the expenses.

2. Unorganised Sites

As a country that has an expanding population which leads to new suburbs sprouting every day. It does not take a tradesperson, a project manager or a person who has not worked a day in the construction industry to notice that the construction site is always a mess. A messy job site causes tasks to take longer. Nobody wants to work in an area where rubbish such as material offcuts that are left around due to people not being responsible for their own mess. A messy job site causes tasks to take longer due to having to manoeuvre around rubbish.

3. Unsafe work environments

Statistics show that the construction industry has one of the highest injury rates. With waste not being properly managed on site it opens all workers up to serious injury or death. Protective clothing and the right tools are great ways to protect yourself, however, work can become extremely fast-paced. Debris can build up and sharp objects that were not discarded correctly may cause injury to you or one of your workers. Site safety is paramount for everyone.

4. Traditional Construction Rubbish Chutes

Extensive rigging may be required due to the intake ‘hoppers’ carrying excessive weight. Tradesmen need to be called out to install and dismantle the chute. In addition, each section of a regular chute is extremely expensive. When you choose to go down the path of regular construction chutes, your wallet is in for a nasty surprise.

5. Labour Costs

Do you really want to pay your tradesperson and their team top dollar just to clean up their own mess for a few days. Every dollar counts, this can make or break your profit margin on a project. Reducing costs for construction projects is an absolute MUST!

6. Unnecessary Man Hours

After your tradesmen finish their duties they will have to clean up for a few days if you do not have the right construction chute. This can easily lead to an increase in the man hours of the project and a delay in the duration of the project. Not meeting deadlines? That’s a no-no. Losing days on your construction site will lead to a loss of profit and an increase in payments to contractors for work.

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