5 Factors Every Builder or Contractor Must Consider When Choosing a Construction Chute.


Traditional Construction chutes are not flexible; they can’t be moved around the construction site easily. The original positioning on a traditional chute can’t be changed – due to design and access changes the original allocated area may not be a suitable place for the construction chute. However, with the EasyChute within a few minutes you can secure and then move the chutes around from the balcony, to the roof and to the window. The best construction chutes are the ones that are flexible. If the chute can be erected on the outer periphery of the building such as scaffolding, then it is a good product.


When choosing a construction chute for your project you must always choose a chute that is lightweight. Regular construction chutes are typically large and bulky bins chained together. The traditional construction chute also poses a danger, creating the possibility of workers being injured on site due to its heavy nature. The traditional chute is a safety hazard during working hours and during non-working hours. The EasyChute on the other hand is light weight, this will make the movement and erection of the chute super easy and the chance of a worker being injured will decrease dramatically. This is a chute that increases your workplace safety.


The traditional construction chute can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars just to be used on your construction site. For a builder the cost of hiring the traditional chute is extremely expensive and can dramatically affect your profit margin on the project. For a contractor, hiring a traditional construction chute can make the difference between you winning or losing a bid. However, with the EasyChute you can purchase the chutes outright rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars hiring a traditional chute. The EasyChute is able to be set up several storeys high and allow you to keep the chutes at the end of the day and have it ready to use on your next project.


Easy to install and Dismantle

When choosing a construction chute you need it to be reconfigured on-the-go to improve your waste removal efficiency. When hiring traditional chutes, you are hiring heavy bins chained together which can cause serious injury to workers or civilians walking by the site. Additionally, you will have to pay hundreds of dollars for labour required in setting up the traditional chute and potentially more in maintenance. Alternatively, the EasyChute can be assembled and installed on your project in less than 5 minutes and due to its lightweight composition, the chute can be dismantled just as easily.

Storage area

When looking for the best construction chute, always keep in mind that once the job has been completed, you will still need large amounts of space to store your chutes. Traditional chutes are bulky, large and cannot be compacted into smaller compartments. In contrast,  the EasyChute can be temporarily kept in a storage area such as your Ute where it won’t take up much space. The EasyChute can be folded up, packed away and be ready to use the next day.

Make the construction trash removal an easy process with the EasyChute today!

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